A showdown between SEO and SMO

SEO (search engine optimization) is the act of making a site more obvious to web crawlers like Google, Bing and Yahoo.The idea is to optimize your website with the goal that it appears all the more frequently, and all the more unmistakable in search results for topics that are important to your business.

How good is SMO?
Social media Optimization (SMO) is the most powerful strategy that could grab a lot of publicity for your site. There are many social media websites like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram in which you can be active and post updates regarding your site.Social signals like shares, tweets, comments and likes could also increase the traffic to your site.

How good is SEO?
SEO is the most important strategy of online marketing and it is not about keywords and link building alone, there is much more beyond it.Every aspiring entrepreneur’s dream is to have a dream start to a business and that is possible with good SEO strategies.

Set Your Digital Marketing Goals for 2016
Do not be a lazy couch and start setting your digital marketing goals for 2016. According to a survey, business people only with fixed goals are successful in the industry.Hence, it’s high time you make up your mind and figure out your plans.

Necessity of Content Marketing to Support SEO & SMO
Quality contents are very important as both SEO and SMO and so, never publish crappy contents on your site and fetch all the curses from the viewers.Hire good content writers to product some worthy,unique and not so boring contents. Google’s search algorithm is not always the same and it gives equal importance to quality contents as well.Invest more time in producing good contents and fetch a better ranking for your site!

Do AdWords and AdSense affect SEO rankings on search engines?

The answer is no, it does not affect the organic rankings but it sure does complement SEO in an extensive way. Nowadays, many businesses prefer AdWords and AdSense to traditional TV commercials,radio announcements and the print post cards.AdWords offers ads for your businesses on the web and AdSense puts up the ads on different places of the web.You can make use of both the factors for that extra “oomph factor” but that does not mean you can eliminate SEO strategies.

SEO strategies can fetch your site a higher rank on search engines and users would always prefer a site that resides on the first page. In that way, you can grab a lot of attention and traffic to your website.Web advertisements can also fetch attention from people across the globe but it has a lot of limitations.Cheesy and corny advertisements can be a huge turn off for the users, so it is wise to keep it simple,creative and yet powerful.

Try not to implement both AdSense and AdWords for your business and focus on any one! Also,do not use irrelevant and controversial keywords in AdWords as that would permanently ban the advertisements forever.After all,both the services would not affect the rankings on search engines but definitely complement SEO.
At the end of the day, it’s how you promote your website with right keywords and the quality of your site also matters a lot!

Some useful guidelines for SEO agencies

SEO agencies are approached by the clients to bring remarkable and desired results that are close enough to the requests.Honestly speaking, not every agency can contribute the number one position to the websites.Several agencies follow the same old boring SEO strategies that could create an impact on the search engine rankings.However, many clients expect extraordinary results from the agencies despite bad website design.
Guide your team mates and build friendly relationship with them.Content is a king for any website and genuine, fresh, unique and innovative contents play a major role in marketing strategies. Video content plays a vital role and hence, push your team mates to make use of it..

Stay away (maybe a thousand miles away) from the auto generated contents and sub domains! Choose an appropriate content management system to edit and modify the content.Send out positive vibes to the public through media because it is the most powerful platform where you can promote your site.Maintain the public relations that would benefit your SEO website in an immense way.

Social media platform is the latest ongoing trend and it could make your product go viral in just a matter of days! Make sure you create an account on sites like Facebook to post updates of your business to grab attention from the likeminded communities.Keep an eye on Google algorithm updates and releases as it keeps changing its policies.Most importantly,stay calm and be patient until you get fruitful results.

Seven Things Most SEO Executives Fail To Do

Post contents that worth reading:
Google is very complex, but you can make it simple, if you post contents that will be worth enough to read.
All can make contents and post it as they wish, but only few SEO executives can create clear and informative contents.A content will get more shares and links,depending on the quality which makes it popular in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Post quality contents frequently:
It may be a simple task to create quality contents,but creating it frequently really matters.It is important to select a publishing frequency and stick to the schedule.

Do research:
There are a lot of marketing websites in the internet,but you should make your website to list top in the google search. You can achieve it by doing research.Have research on Google keyword planner, it will provide you a long list of keywords,that fetch you thousands of visitors to your page.

Meta data optimization:
The majority of people completes only 90 percent of their contents without knowing about the value of the remaining 10 percent,which is nothing but meta data optimization.With little more hard work of optimizing a web page, you can gain the ranking of the websites.

Create headlines for search engine and readers:
People agree to read a content by seeing the headlines. If the headline is bad,then visitors may turn away from your content to some other’s content.
If no one reads your contents means that you can generate only few clicks, shares and links.

Focus on quality links:
Your website will be notable with the links your contents get from other websites. While building links,quality is more essential than quantity.

Engage in social media:
Attention of majority of people in this world lies in social media,so be active on social media platforms for the popularity of your business.

Tracking the performance levels of a website with SEO

Search engine optimization today plays a vital role in enhancing online business to gain more advantages.

Sometimes, the key landing pages of a website might face certain issues which affect their performance levels.

However, there are some techniques that are available for fixing them quickly to achieve best results.

Business organizations must evaluate the opportunities in the markets before executing SEO process which will be helpful for targeting customers with latest trends.

It is advisable to utilize Google analytics report for knowing the completion levels in the markets including the keywords.

Updating Meta descriptions, title tags and alternate attributes provide opportunities for improving the visibility of a website in major search engines.

It is a wise one to add different content types for making websites a popular one among visitors.

SEO gives ways for driving more traffic to a website for getting best results. At the same time, it is advisable to update the latest offers in the pages that bring more traffic.

Social promotions are found to be really useful for improving the performance levels of a website. Hence, it is necessary to focus on them with experts for reaching a wider audience.

Linking a webpage internally with different anchors gives ways for boosting rankings in search engines.

It is a wise one to run a URL in Keyword tools such as SEMrush and others for targeting customers in the markets.

Using Google suggest data also makes it possible to include modifiers in SEO process for getting desired results.

Tips for saving money on SEO costs

A perfect search engine optimization involves high costs and many business firms are now turning their focus on cheap services for reducing expenses.However, there are some tips available for beginners to save money on SEO costs for enhancing best results and they are given below:


Estimating the budgets

It is an essential one to estimate the budgets before implementing search engine optimization techniques. This will be helpful for getting the desired results at competitive prices to grow online business. One should also focus more on avoiding crawling budgets which ultimately promotes sales in the markets.


Reducing a page size

Page sizes really matter in improving the loading time of a website in SEO. Hence, it is necessary to minimize a page size for reaching viewers quickly.


Analyzing the back links  

Documenting the back links found to be extremely helpful for improving performance levels of a website in search engines. Moreover, it gives ways for evaluating the quality to experience desired outcomes. Back link documentation also provides methods for achieving better results in link building process. Use iBable SEO software for http://ibable.com/ SEO backlink analysis.


Avoiding certain attributes

It is an imperative one to abandon certain important attributes such as rel=”nofollow” in SEO for gaining more advantages.


Collecting valuable log data

Collecting log data with certain types of tools show ways for understanding more about users experience and other applications for accomplishing goals.


Making well informed decisions

It is necessary to make well informed decisions before optimizing a website. The automated search engine optimization services might damage the reputation of a website in search engines. Therefore, it is a wise one to prevent them for getting optimal results.

Why ecommerce websites completely mishandle SEO?


Most ecommerce business websites today mainly depend on SEO process for increasing sales in the markets. On the other hand, some companies mishandle the applications due to insufficient knowledge which affect their rankings in search engines.

It is necessary to avoid certain practices for overcoming them and they are given below to gain major advantages.

Faceted navigation

Sort orders, filtered navigation and pagination are the three types of faceted navigation that are widely used in an ecommerce website.

It is essential to follow them properly for experiencing better results while selling the products online.

Using best tags

Ecommerce websites should focus more on optimizing best tags for avoiding errors. It is advisable to use only outlined tags for overcoming problems in SEO process.

Examining the categories

An ecommerce website covers different categories which help to choose a product in an easy manner. However, it is necessary to examine them carefully for reaching customers in quick turnaround time.

Doing a complete research

Ecommerce business firms should do a complete research on SEO services in the services before executing them. This will certainly help for auditing a website to fix errors more effectively.

Learning more about Tag scenarios

Many ecommerce business companies are not aware of the tag scenarios which affect their website reputation. Hence, it is an imperative one to learn more about them for eliminating complications to a wider extent.

SEO involves different types of techniques which provide opportunities for growing business in the internet marketing.

However, it is wise one to seek guidance from a leading company while executing services for an ecommerce website.

7 tips to create outstanding SEO content


Content is one of the powerful strategies in SEO which gives ways for ranking websites in the search engines. At the same time, it is necessary to create unique content for marketing purposes to augment sales in online marketing. Generating high quality content opens the gateways for enhancing reputation in the markets to ensure better results. Search engines give preference to original contents only while executing promotional activities in the markets.

There are some tips available for generating an excellent content which will be helpful for meeting exact requirements in search engine optimization process.


  1. Writing customer oriented content

Content should focus more on readers and not search engines. This in turn gives ways for reaching them easily to achieve best results.


  1. Creating catchy titles

Most people will look out for the titles before reading content. Catchy tiles in content provide ways for attracting readers to get desired outcomes. It is also advisable to include SEO keyword in a title whenever necessary.


  1. Generating interesting topic

Content must be an interesting one for optimizing a website. It is essential to refer various news articles, stories and works of leading authors before writing content. This will certainly help for developing business in the markets.


  1. Rethinking keywords

Keyword stuffing in content might affect damage the reputation of a company. Hence, it is an imperative one to utilize a keyword appropriately for getting maximum visibility.


  1. Formatting content

It is necessary to make sure that content reaches the audience at the right time. Formatting content with bullet points and sub headings will certainly help for making impacts on readers.


  1. Linking content

Linking content in a website or blog provides methods for diverting more traffic to experience desired outcomes.


  1. Keeping it simple and short

SEO content should be readable by all audience. It is necessary to avoid complex and lengthy sentences in content that helps for engaging visitors easily. One can also include Meta description in content for making it a good one.

The above 7 tips are extremely useful for beginners to produce outstanding content in an efficient manner.